About us

REON was born from a little but strong idea - we can do more for our client and our city. This principle stays with us until this day - we listen to our clients more, we hear better, we try more. With our hard work a little team of several people grew to a group of over 20 real estate specialists in 5 years.

We believe that being a real estate agent is more than just a job. We strive for the best results in our activity; we improve and add our input to creating reputation of real estate agents.

We rent out any object in 5 days on average and sell - in 4 weeks. Over 15000 clients trust us.

Over 15 000 clients trust us. According to data of Credit info we were the strongest in Lithuanian real estate market in 2014 - 2015.


  • Responsibility

    We respect our profession and value our clients' trust, so we work according to highest standards. We cannot imagine any other kind of business.

  • Competence

    We love our city, our job and we live by the topicalities of real estate. We are experts, so we understand the importance of constant gathering and improvement of our knowledge.

  • Partnership

    Our goal is not a one-time deal, but long time relationship with a client. We believe that by getting to know you we can add more value and will exceed the expectations.

  • Keeping the word

    It is the base of our work. We do not let ourselves compromise, we are demanding to ourselves and our colleagues. Our name is a value earned the hard way.

  • Result

    We strive for the collaboration to be fluent and pleasant but we also do not forget the most important - the deal is done only when the client's task is complete.

  • People

    They are our biggest asset, pride and value. We see our real estate agents as the ambassadors of our name, so we respect them and invest in them.

Why it is worth selecting us?

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    We are a small agency and we think it is our biggest benefit. We know our clients, know their needs, so we can provide exclusive attention to the orders of our clients.

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    We deepen the knowledge of our real estate agents with trainings and programs of personal development. Each our real estate agent is an expert in his/her field.

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    More for you

    Our goal is to take over your troubles about the real estate, so you can dedicate your time to your family, hobbies and work.

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    While working we use the progressive technologies and we keep a modern database of objects. Innovative approach and technologies let us achieve the highest quality of services.

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    Complex solutions

    Our objective is to take care of all the issues with your real estate - beginning with initial consultations and ending with a successful deal.

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    Love for the job

    Each of us does a job he/she loves and the job is an integral part of our lives. We work with fire and you will feel it, believe us.

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